Book Review: Sereknity

Time for another book review!  This time I was sent a review copy of Sereknity: Peaceful Projects to Soothe and Inspire, Nikki Van De Car’s book on cultivating mindfulness and finding peace through knit and crochet. This title contains 27 patterns in all, 14 crochet and 13 knit, that are relative simple to complete (how […]

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So It’s Been A While….

Hi.  This should be anticipated by now but yet again I’ve disappeared off the face of the Earth for 6 months.  Sorry about that.  There were reasons (there always are).  Anyhoo, here I am.  In light of the New Year, I thought I would list a few general (and some specific) goals I have for […]

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Losar – Tibetan New Year

Hi everyone!  I know it’s been a while.  Work kind of exploded and left me very little time to have a life.  No life = boring blogging, so I spared you all.  You’re welcome!  🙂 But, I’ve been cooking again and had some recent success.  Losar, Tibetan new year, was this past week and we […]

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My Favorite White Bean Soup

Believe it or not, I am not a huge fan of beans.  I want to be because I know that they are quite good for me and for my tum-tum but….eh?  I tend to be very meh about most bean things.  The exceptions are my White Bean & Asiago Puree, Daal (recipes forthcoming) and Deborah […]

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