Christmas Spectacular Spectacular

Holy crap am I tired.  We had Christmas part one from 12/15 to 12/19 with one side of the family.  We just finished up Christmas in Florida (a.k.a. Xmas part deux) with the other side and I am spent.  Everyone was lovely, everything was tasty, but as someone who is "in charge" of a lot of the festivites – I am done.  I’ll post picks of the favorite presents later.  Merry Christmas.  Sleep will be soon, I need about a week of it.

ps- Knitpicks NLM – wow is that pattern confusing!  Do not attempt if they are your first mittens (like I am) b/c the whole thumb thing is baffling.


One thought on “Christmas Spectacular Spectacular

  1. I have a very basic mitten pattern that I think I am going tobring with me to start a pair of mittens, I have been meaning to make. Maybe you will like it.
    I got your email, still working on it. I will give you a call tomorrow to hammer out the details of our trip. We had a minor Darth Vader incident this morning and thought that in 15 minutes our whole trip was going to be cancelled. Thank god it wasn’t and everything seems okay.

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