HP scarf update

Okay, again, forgive the pic quality. 
I can not remember to buy batteries for the life of me!

Here’s the HP scarf update.  I am at least 25% complete.
I say at least, b/c I have a sneaking suspicion that this scarf
won’t make it all 12 repeats.  I may cut it short at 10, but we’ll
just keep that b/w you and me.

My God!  This scarf is taking forever!


2 thoughts on “HP scarf update

  1. Good luck with your new home endeavor, it’s always traumatic but so worth it! Question: what is the ‘HP’ scarf–it looks sharp, I’m curious… Nice work!

  2. HP stands for Harry Potter. I am trying to knit the scarf from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for my boyfriend. I figure it should be finished sometime before I die…..
    Thanks for the words of encouragement!

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