Spring Masthead

So, I am going to attempt to change mastheads every season.  This is the new one for spring.  I made it using an excellent set of Photoshop Brushes I downloaded for free.  I was directed to them from Dooce.com b/c she found them and loved them as well.  However, I have gone back through her archives and I’ve lost the link!  I can’t find it anywhere!  I am sorry Mr. Photoshop-Brush-Genius, who made these awesome brushes!  I want to give you credit, but I’ve lost you!

Mea Culpa.
Lo Siento.
Eshuldegung, bitter.
I’m Sorry!


2 thoughts on “Spring Masthead

  1. I need to change up my blog a bit too. I’m jealous at your talent! I guess I need blogger to get mine back up and running before I can change anything though.

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