Undergarments (and other naughty things) In The Park

My friend Mary has started a photo collection on Flickr about what she finds on her hikes through a Long Island, NY park.  While I am saddened and dismayed at the apparent state of our parks system, I am also strangely drawn to these pictures.  They leave me with so many questions.  My cynical side immediately wonders about the rape rate on Long Island.  My optimistic side thinks about all of the people out there in the Long Island park system who just had to get it on right now!  Or had to get those damn pantyhose off immediately!  And I guess we can’t forget the sex workers.  Oh, the sex workers! 

Its much like the age old conundrum about the shoe on the side of the road. Yes, where is always important, but why is even more interesting.

Hopefully, this will be an ongoing series for her.  I believe she has made the collection a public group and will accept submissions.  Check them out for yourself.


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