I Am A Bad Blogger.

Well, I’ve been remiss with my posting as of late.  We’ve just been swamped with getting things ready for my indisposal.  But boy, do I feel handy!  I replaced a deadbolt and a doorknob all by myself.  I also recaulked a bathroom (my secret talent) and I even replaced the toilet flapper in our leaky toilet.  I even installed a pantry shelf system to organize that bitch up.  Who knew, I am a regular, bloody handyman!
Now, If only I could get the icemaker to work….

Otherwise, things are moving along quite nicely.  The medical bills are piling up, as expected, but BCBS isn’t really giving me any trouble.  The car is finally fixed (though it was never broken – long story).  The gutters are up and the front of our house is mulched. 

I think I’m ready.  I think.

In knitting news, just a sneak preview guys.  On Thursday, the microwave will be officially fixed and then I will begin my segment on Kool-Aid yarn!  I’ve got 10 hanks of wool and a bunch of Kool-Aid to work with (care of Mary) and I have been dying (no pun intended) to try this out.  You all know that I’ll be off of my feet for a considerable length of time, so I am going to use that time to, hopefully, burn through my stash.

Updates with photos after Thursday!


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