Dying Yarn With Kool-Aid!

OKAY!  I did it!  Here’s what I did, how I did it, what it looked like and if I’d do it again.

I dyed wool yarn.  From what I understand this won’t work with cotton or synthetics, but is great with wool and mohair.  I used the directions from Knitty as my base. 

The yarn I used:

Knitpicks’ Wool of the Andes and Color Your Own 100% Merino both in Natural

Step one is to rinse and soak your yarn (I used just room temperature water).

While this soaks, Step 2 is to prepare your kool-aid mixture.  I used one packet of kool-aid to one ounce of yarn minimum.  Sometimes I used more.  Each hank of yarn I used is 3.5 oz.  So I used a minimum of 7 packets for 2 hanks or 4 packets for 1 hank.  You put the appropriate amount of kool-aid into your pot and add water.  Stir to dissolve.  The below pic is for 1 hank.  I hated the way the color turned out. (I will give all color recipes at the end)

Step 3 is to put your yarn in the pot.  (much better color this time)

Simmer yarn until it almost boils.  Then let it sit for about 20-30 minutes.
Now, Isn’t that a lovely sight!  A stove top full of yarn!! 

You will know your yarn has sucked up all of the color when the water in the pots is almost clear.
If you look at the below pic, the white spatula head is fully in the water and its totally clear.

Wait for your yarn to cool until you can handle it.  Then just dump it into a sink full of warm water.  Wash it VERY LIGHTLY (you don’t want it to felt) and rinse.  Let it dry someplace warm and sunny.

And look at what you get!  Isn’t that great!

The top row is Wool of the Andes, the bottom is 100% merino.  Colors, from left to right:
Top Row:
2 hanks using 7 packets of grape, 2 cherry
1 hank using 5 packets arctic green apple, 2 lemonade
1 hank using 4 orange
2 hanks using 5 blastin’ berry cherry and 2 orange (my favorite)
Bottom Row:
2 hanks using 6 strawberry, 1 orange
2 hanks using 5 cherry, 3 orange (slightly more saturated than above combo)

That’s it!  Have fun!  I loved it and I would totally do it again.  But I would skip green apple anything and use more kool-aid for super saturation!


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