I Just Can’t Fight It Anymore!

I have tried and tried, but I am officially caving in.

Today, at 3:51pm i bought the yarn to make clapotis.
Specifically I bought the yarn to make this lady’s clapotis.
It is just soooo pretty that I had to do it.  After much on-line searching for only slightly cheaper Noro Silk Garden, I finally found it and subsequently bought it.

Oddly, I do not feel the shame I thought I would.  No, I feel only anticipation.
And a little shock that I just spent my new paycheck on a big bag of yarn….
but mostly its the anticipation!


2 thoughts on “I Just Can’t Fight It Anymore!

  1. There is no reason to feel shame, none at all! I’ve knitted Clapotis and I know how important it is to find yarn you love for your Clapotis. If you are putting a lot of time and trouble to knit something beautiful, you don’t want to do it with yarn you hate. Even a great pattern cannot help if the yarn isn’t right. I’ve seen Clapotis knitted with solid grey worsted weight yarn, and the effect is _completely_ ruined. Do not do it, even if you have to spend your whole paycheck!
    Hmh. When I look at pictures, I almost want to do second one. I did my first with laceweight yarn (it was very pretty) and it’s a bit small, although useful. Maybe I should, but only after the yarn diet KAL – if it can be called a KAL – ends.

  2. Oh, I know there is no shame in clapotis. But I have fought the good fight for so long! When EVERYONE around me was cooing for a clapotis, I said NO! And now, I realize, I too coo over clapotis. Am I giving up my street cred by knitting clapotis? Neh, I made my stand. Now to the knitting!

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