I have just had the misfortune of watching Red Eye on HBO and I thought a little clarification one of my SP9 Contest answers was in order.

When I said Cillian Murphy was my favorite actor, I meant that in a 28 Days Later, On The Edge, Breakfast On Pluto kind of way, NOT in a Red Eye way.  I understand, the man’s got a family to support and, in theory, the premise of the movie could even have been made to sound enticing.  Also, you can’t fault him for wanting to work with Wes Craven.  I mean, Wes Craven is/was a master of the genre, but you wouldn’t know that by watching Red Eye.  Red Eye speaks to all of his Scream fans.  There is no hint of the man behind The Hills Have Eyes or A Nightmare On Elm Street.

Wow, God Awful.  Yet, even in that piece of tripe, Mr. Murphy did act well.   Some things no amount of talent can save.


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