Clapotis, You Drift Further Away.

Normally, I plan way in advance if I am knitting any Christmas presents.  I don’t want to be stuck on December 23rd frantically knitting my fingers off trying to finish things up.  That does nothing for me.  Yet, I find myself in a situation where, now, I have more and more present projects creeping up on me.  Normally, I wouldn’t really even care that much, but more gifts to knit pushes clapotis further and further away.

Clapotis, I miss you already.  Someday, mon ami, someday.


One thought on “Clapotis, You Drift Further Away.

  1. I know how you feel. Winter has creeped upon my family in secret and suddenly they all need mittens, hats, scarves which mess up my carefully planned “What I really want to knit next”-list of patterns.
    And Xmas presents – I don’t want to even think about them. Except one pair of socks I finished for my MIL in August.

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