Riddle Me This

I am, but I do not live.
I have eyes, but I do not see.
I have a mouth, but you never hear me scream.
Once I did have a thought.

(It might feel a little odd, but trust me, you’ll get lots of street credit among knitters!)

Anyone? It’s a hint from my Secret Pal and I have no idea what it could be.  A river, A scarecrow, A potato, Fire?  I don’t know!  None of my answers work!!  Help!!!


4 thoughts on “Riddle Me This

  1. Ivory? this just keeps getting more confusing…
    I know that ivory needles, both sewing and knitting exist – but I’ve never used them, or even seen them for that matter.
    Whatever it is it’s bound to be good!! Your secret pal is FUN! (Kudos to you whoever you are!)

  2. Ivory as a color. And pink and black. (I know Heather doesn’t like pink, but I think she will bear it in this case)

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