Knitting Progress

I am almost finished with the Big Knit Tube!  Its the repair piece for the Felted Bag Nightmare.  I am at a standstill on the project right now b/c I am waiting for more yarn.  I had a hunch a few weeks ago that I’d be short a skein, so I dutifully ordered it from the same on-line yarn retailer allowing plenty of time for shipping.  And they sent me the wrong yarn.  I ordered Big Kureyon #17 and they sent me #12.  I called and apparently, I have to send them back their yarn and have them "figure out how this mistake could have happened" BEFORE they will send me out my original order.  I don’t think I’ll be ordering from them again, even though they are deeply discounted.  Bad!

But, being Big Kureyon-less means I get to start another project!  So its on to something for me! A Clapotis in Silk Garden #84!  See:

Oh!  And I got a very cute postcard from my SP!  Thanks SP!


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