Secret Pal Christmas Loot

Look what I got today, priority mail all the way from Finland!!!

Apparently Finland is the land of gorgeous yarn!  That’s 2 skeins of mohair in a lovely burnt orange, one skein of wool in a nice, dark red and a skein of a wool/polyamide? blend in verigated autumnal colors.  So nice!!!  I think I just might knit some of those together and make a crazy, fuzzy scarf!  We’ll see….

Thank you Secret Pal!  Its all soooooo pretty!!!!!!

Merry Christmas Secret Pal!


2 thoughts on “Secret Pal Christmas Loot

  1. I had to get you some 7 veljestä (the variegated ball) because it is THE yarn in Finland. Children are taught to knit in school with that yarn, and because of that I’ve developed serious dislike towards blue-grey 7 veljestä. I was a frogging queen in handicrafts.
    I’m not a big fan of that yarn, but it’s kind of… Well, if you get Finnish yarn, you must get 7 veljestä.

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