The Last SP Contest – “Snow”

I have a love/hate relationship with snow.  I think its really beautiful and I love the snap it gives the air!  However, I can never erase from my memory the snow day that went wrong.

I was young, maybe 4 or 5, and my mother and I decided to go play outside.  At the time we lived in upstate NY and it had snowed the night before.  A really good, fluffy snow.  I remember being so bundled up in my snow suit that I could barely walk!  My mother decided we should build a snowman.  I was rather apathetic to the whole idea b/c I was just so overwhelmed by the snow and all that it promises; snow angels, snow tunnels, snow balls, etc.  My mother built her snowman and was extremely pleased with it.  So much so, that I was informed that I couldn’t touch it or I would get a handful of snow rammed up my nose.  I was young and, at the time, I never though my dear, sweet, kind, life-giving mother could possibly be serious with that threat.  I had freckles and long braids, I was too adorable to maim in such a violent and cruel manner.  Besides!  Its just snow, right?


I was trying to run.  I can honestly say I had no intention of harming the snowman, but my snowsuit made me so uncoordinated that I fell.

I fell.

On the snowman.

And my mother leapt in for her revenge, hunk of icy snow ready in hand. 
And I, being a bewildered 4-5 year old, didn’t think to cover my face.

The brain freeze was exquisite.

For that day on, I kept a 30 foot radius around any snow creation she ever made again.


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