Did I Mention

that I’m starting school tomorrow?  Yep.  8am-11:15am Retail Baking.  And as I am a super nerd, my school books are packed neatly in my book bag with 8 new pens, a 3 subject notebook, 2 bar towels and an apron.  The aforementioned bag is setting next to my knife kit.  I’ve laid out my uniform and practiced tying up my hair and getting it to fit under their doo-rag/chefs cap.  I’ll probably wind up getting there about 30 minute early (see "super nerd" mentioned above) so I’d like to bring my knitting. 

My other two classes are on-line and that means I have to de-grade my computer to be able to access them.  They want me to download IE or Netscape.  Do people really still use Netscape?  Seriously?  Wow.  So none of my other browsers (Firefox, Safari, Opera) will suffice.  Awesome.  I’m can’t wait until I try to log in and they tell me that the service is not compatible with macs.  Trident Technical College, not so technical.

I have already fought (and lost) with their tech support team over the lack of customization and poor GUI of their e-mail client.  I didn’t suggest change, schools usually use crappy e-mail clients.  These programs are designed to be cheap work horses, not pretty, designed things.  I get that.  I simply wanted to automatically forward any e-mail sent to my TTC account to any one of my home or work accounts.  This is not an option for students.  Why is this not an option for students?  I can understand having to enable this option manually as a preference but to not have it at all?  This is a community college with a large adult population who take distance and on-line learning courses.  What bad, bad planning.

Despite all of this, I still have high hopes for the classes.   Fingers crossed.


One thought on “Did I Mention

  1. Good luck!
    I used to be as neat with my school things as you. But today, when I started the spring semester, I had to go without my papers and notebooks because my children hid them somewhere. I had to take old, ugly notebook with Call of Chulthu rpg notes written in it.. It’s 10 PM and I still haven’t found my school things so I’m probably improvising something again…

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