Frantically Knitting Lace


This is a very, very, very late Christmas project that i am frantically trying to finish for next week.  I wouldn’t be so frantic if I hadn’t already lied about its completion.  It was an unexpected gift exchange and I panicked and claimed it was wrapped but forgotten at home.  In reality the yarn was wrapped into a ball sitting in my "to be knit" pile.  Crap!

Luckily I am 99% sure that the intended recipient doesn’t read my blog.  If she does then "hi, sorry, i hope you like it!"

Actually for a first, real lace project, I am pretty happy with it.  Its the Dragon Scales Scarf from Heritage Yarns.  It’s based on a Barbara Walker pattern.  I know, I am sooooo not a lace person, and I HATE working with lace weight yarn, but i really think the intended recipient is a lace person and the colors and pattern are her (i hope).

As for the color, I just want to warn people.  This is knit in Knitpicks Shadow, color: OREGON COAST.  Yep, that pretty color that’s a pale creamy grey with hints of green and pink?  This is what it looks like in real life.  Brown.  Luckily, the recipient, I believe, is a big fan of brown.  For the record, Lost Lake is dark forest green, also not as pictured.  Seriously, Knitpicks, could you work on this b/c I am not the only one to be fooled by your Shadow color images.


One thought on “Frantically Knitting Lace

  1. Ooh, yeah. I see what you mean about the Oregon Coast color! Maybe they should change the name to “Oatmeal coast.”
    BTW, your secret pal 9 spoilee, Ginny, was my secret pal 9 spoiler. So I found your blog on her’s.

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