YAY! Bakery Job!

I just got hired for Job the 2nd!  I will be a PT Bakery Assistant at Whole Foods!  The Bakery Head is amazing!  She trained as an artisan bread maker and I can learn a lot from her.  I won’t be all bakery.  The position’s real title is Coffee/Gelato and while I ‘ll have to serve joe, I will also get to learn to make real gelato (a true love of mine) and work 1 shift a week in the bakery.  Really, anything to get my foot in the door of a real bakery and our Whole Foods makes killer bread.  Also, they have crazy good benefits and a 20% employee discount!  The Bakery Head is really into putting education first, so she’s willing to work around my school schedule.  Very cool!

Speaking of good benefits, after a few months there I’ll be able to qualify for their health insurance (which is also way better than my current sucky Cigna plan) which means we can ditch our business health insurance.  This means more $ in every respect – THANK GOD! 

I was all lined up to work at B&N next month, but I’ll give that job to J and we’ll both have a part time gig.  Hello paying off medical bills and mortgage early!

Things are FINALLY looking up!


2 thoughts on “YAY! Bakery Job!

  1. YAY! excellent, excellent, excellent.
    I think, perhaps, just maybe, it’s possible that your bad luck is finally turning around. It’s about damn time.

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