I Need A New TV On DVD Obsession

So, we need a new DVD obsession.  Let’s face it, there is bloody little on US television now worth watching.  So J and I are working our way through worthy dvd collections.  Unfortunately, we’re coming to the end of our list and aren’t sure what to pick up next.   A lot of the stuff is not from the US  b/c amazon.uk + all-region player =  my best friend.  I just want good, quality comedy or sci-fi or both.  Actually, anything really.  Read below for our tastes.  I need suggestions!  HELP!

What we’ve seen and LOVED so far:  The IT Crowd, Father Ted, Vicar of Dibley, I’m Alan Partridge, Knowing Me, Knowing You, Firefly, Dark Angel, Little Britian, Brass Eye, Red Dwarf (yes, all of them), Wonderfalls, Strangers with Candy, The Mighty Boosh, League of Gentlemen, The Office (UK), Doctor Who (2006-present) and we’re just finishing up MilleniuM.  There are others I am forgetting…

ARGH!!!  Where to next?


4 thoughts on “I Need A New TV On DVD Obsession

  1. Cute header!
    c’mon – be a sheep. watch 24 and prison break and heck why not even some back survivor seasons? can’t you just be an american with no imagination like everybody else??

  2. i quite liked coupling from memory; also Man/ Woman (they pronounced it “Man Stroke Woman”) showed in australia, and it’s the funniest (new) skit show i’ve seen in a long time (it’s british).
    i’m guessing that it goes without saying that you’ve ploughed through all the monty python?
    Kath & Kim is the biggest thing in australian comedy for some years, but i understand it flopped in the US, so maybe watch a bit on youtube first to check you think it’s funny.
    david walliams of little britain is guest starring in the season they’re filming right now (oo!)
    Oh! oh! and The Office (the british one) and Extras! for SURE SURE SURE! you haven’t lived until you’ve seen Sir Ian McKellen deadpan explain his ‘acting technique’ on Extras (“I’m not REALLY a wizard. I just pretended to be one in Lord of the Rings, because Peter Jackson asked me to”).
    seen all the seasons of buffy?

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