Much Needed Update

Well, I live.  Just barely.  We are drowning in pollen here and my defenses have finally caved in causing me to have a head weighing about 4 pounds heavier with snot than usual.  But I have been busy.  And I bring you pictures to prove it!

New TV on DVD Obsession:  Carnivale
My god, that show is awesome!  What is it with my love of cancelled tv that leaves so many loose ends?  Bring back Carnivale!  At least a Carnivale movie that ties things up a bit.  Please?

Knitting:  Hot Lava Cardi in Peace Fleece.  In progress:

Gardening:  Tomatoes!  Heirloom Pineapple and Mr. Stripey Tomatoes to be exact:

More Gardening:  The front of our house has been overhauled.  We replanted everything and filled it with loropetulum and lantanas.  The photos are weird, but you get the idea:


One thought on “Much Needed Update

  1. Very nice gardening! I thought about ‘maters, but I don’t think that’s for this year, too many other projects to worry about.
    Cardi looks good so far! Keep the faith, you’ll get to wear it this season!

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