Well, Hello to you CraftLit!

I think you’re pretty nifty too. 

What a great idea for a podcast!  As I am a knitter who is fairly inadept, I totally appreciate being able to listen to good books.  I am not among the talented few who can read and knit.  So thank you Craftlit, you have a new listener!

Coincedentally, I am currently going through a bit of a Dickens fit.  I am attempting to track down a 20+ volume set for cheap.  Wish me luck!


One thought on “Well, Hello to you CraftLit!

  1. So with all the oodles of podcasts I listen to, craftlit being amongst my favoritist b/c not only do I get to ‘read’ while I knit, but b/c I get to read actual LITERATURE and have somebody explain all the complicated things I would probably miss or just not worry about so much – and – the best part, I don’t have to write a paper at the end – I never mentioned it to you?
    That was horribly neglectful of me, I have been remiss in my friendship duties. Sorry ’bout that.
    Go back & listen to the turn of the screw, it was GREAT!

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