Birthday Wrap-Up

Well, as my close friends know, I turned 31 on Sunday!  Here’s a bit of a recap of some of my loot:

I got a Kaffe Fassett book from J, my Mom and Rachael and the strip quilting books from J’s mom, B.  Thank you guys so much!  I love them all!  The next picture is what I bought with some of my birthday money from Aunt J.  I got The Essential Ellison, In Stitches by Amy Butler, a newer Umberto Eco book and the dvd of Hot Fuzz.  I also got this:


A new pair of shoes, some creamsicle perfume by Demeter and a ton of fancy, girly make-up (and yes, all of the Vincent Longo was 1/2 price, I’m not crazy!)  The fabric is a fun jelly roll called Holly Jolly from B.  The big finale was from my parents who got me this:


There was more, but you get the general idea.  Thank you so much everyone.  It is all perfect!


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