Its Amazing What A Little Haircut Can Do

So, the real reason I have been AWOL for so long has been a sneaky, creeping, mild depression.  I just didn’t have it in me to write, knit, sew, etc.  It just wasn’t there.  The whole ugliness has been rounded off by my having to leave the bakery.  I don’t get to professionally make pretty cupcakes, fruit tarts or eclairs anymore. 
    Why did I quit?  Well, at the time I made the decision, I had convinced myself it was b/c the bakery job was awful.  And honestly, it wasn’t great.  I did spend most of my time asking people if they wanted their loaves "sliced or whole" which is only one step up from asking "do you want fries with that?". 
    But really, I had to quit b/c after working 8-9 hours at the bakery, I could barely move my legs anymore.  My hips would scream and bite at me all night long.  You should see the Mt. Rushmore of pillows I have at my hip-propping disposal!  And not just the "too mild to consider surgery at this juncture" hip, but my "fixed through the miracle of surgery" hip as well.  Double teamed by my own joints!  The nerve of them.
    Anyhoo, so all of these things, and the questions they raise (ie:  what do you do when you figured out your passion in life and are too bloody crippled to pursue it?)  have been seriously bumming me out lately.
All of that, and I hated my hair.  OOH, have I been hating my hair.  I made the mistake of growing it out, b/c I wanted to feel French (long story) and it was just heavy and long and I am CONVINCED it made my ass look fat.  That’s how much I hated my hair.
    Well, NO MORE! 

Which would you prefer, the out of focus but you get the idea photo or the dying of ennui with great hair photo?  Well, ok, you get both:

Look at that hair, man! I feel freakin’ fantastic (despite my expression in the second photo).  Its amazing what a haircut can do!


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