The Yarn Girls Guide To Knits For All Seasons

Have you people seen this book?  I think I’m in love….

Now we all know what happens when we buy a knitting book.  There are one, maybe two patterns in in we love and must have and the rest is filler.
Not so say the Yarn Girls!  They have brought forth a book of 40 patterns,
10 for each season and aside from two skirt patterns (I DON’T knit skirts), one
dress pattern (if I don’t knit skirts, there is no way in hell I will knit a dress) and
one frumpy sweater, the rest are all good.  A large chunk of them are even great.
    These are the patterns we search for when we "just want to knit a hoodie" or
"really want a simple but cute summer knit" or "need to knit a cool sweater for
the BF."Ever notice how hard it is to find those simple, but important patterns
when you really want them?
    I, personally,  have spent DAYS looking for the perfect sweater pattern.  I have
spent HOURS looking for a basic, zip up hoodie that wouldn’t look like a wooly
trashbag on me when complete (Olivia’s Sweatshirt, pg. 86 does the trick). I have
hunted for raglans with cute, diagonal buttons (A Bit Out Of The Box, pg. 82). 
I have searched for Banana Republic style shawl collars (Better Than The Real
Deal, pg. 118).  I am always looking for a lightweight shrug (The Suggestive
Shrug, pg. 61).  I’ve been debating over summer top patterns forever (Sexy Mama,
pg. 58).  I have never come across a book where I honestly wanted to knit almost
all of the patterns.  It’s uncanny.
    There are a few other things I really appreciate about this book.  They give you
the necessary  YARDAGE.  The yardage is key here.  You’d be suprised how
many books don’t offer that small little bit of info.  Odds are, I can not afford
100$+ on yarn for a sweater.  I just can’t.   It’s not going to happen.  Its soooo
much easier for me to make substitutions and order my yarn properly with
appropriate yardage. 
    There is a small but efficient section on finishing in the back of the book.  It’s
just five or six pages long, but as most of the patterns are sweaters, it is necessary.
    But my favorite thing about this book, aside from the patterns, is what was left
out.  There is no "how to knit" chapter.  I have always HATED that chapter. 
Don’t get me wrong.  I actually learned to knit from a book.  The book was
called "How To Knit."  If I am buying a book on knitting sweaters, etc. I better
darn well know how to knit.  That extra chapter is very often wasted paper that
made me crazy.  I’m sorry.  Its probably just me.  But I was THRILLED to not find
that chapter in this book.  The patterns are all very straight forward.  Not too
difficult, but just interesting enough to keep you from becoming bored. 
    If you are really missing that chapter, go buy How To Knit.  If you want a well
edited book of timeless patterns with modern appeal, go buy The Yarn Girls
Guide To Knits For All Seasons

I’m not kidding.

seriously, go here.

Disclaimer:  I just go the book and have yet to knit anything from it.  In my
defense, I did read through several patterns and take notes, I just haven’t
knit anything yet.  Sorry guys, I have been slammed at work so I haven’t
been able to test anything out.  I’ll let you know when I do!


2 thoughts on “The Yarn Girls Guide To Knits For All Seasons

  1. I want to knit that sweater, too! I was looking online for the yarn (Merino Frappe) this morning. Do you think you’ll use the suggested yarn?

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