I’ve Been Busy!

Well, I’ve been crafty lately.  I had taken a HUGE hiatus from knitting.  I haven’t knit anything in the last 5 months until the other day.  I am officially knitting again.  See?

What we have here is my progress on the back of Mrs. Darcy in worsted 100% alpaca, color indigo.  And its yummy!

On the quilting front, my mother in law B has enrolled me in the block of the month club (civil war patterns) using these little, ingenious thing called Thangles.  I just finished June and July (see below) and August is in progress.

As for my jelly roll of Xmas fabric, I had ordered a beautiful pattern called Butterfly Blooms but upon receiving and reading the pattern I realized that there was no way in hell I was going to cut all of that.  So, I have decided going with something like this:

using those lovely Thangles!  Did I mention that I love those things?


One thought on “I’ve Been Busy!

  1. Thangles rock. Yay knitting and YAY quilting – that butterfly is a funky colored log cabin quilt, right?
    Your Mrs Darcy looks like it’s the color of my briar rose in real life. it’s a great fall color!

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