Mrs. Darcy is finished.

So, she’s finished.  yep.  doesn’t fit me at all.  Even if she did fit me, Mrs. Darcy is definitely not the sweater for me.  Someone else maybe.  Someone really skinny with no pointy lady bits to speak of……  The good news is that now, NOW I can knit a sweater.  So, I am all but the sleeves through Jawbreaker and I’m going to cast on tonight for the SKC Tree Jacket KAL.  Yay!

Here she is, Mrs. Darcy (that bitch!), buttonless for now.  She will make someone a lovely xmas gift. 

Just not me. 



2 thoughts on “Mrs. Darcy is finished.

  1. It looks good! First Bad Fitting Sweater mission accomplished…I couldn’t even move my arms in my first attempt at a sweater.
    I’m sure your next one will be MUCH more successful.

  2. Good news is YOU have just completed your first sweater and it looks fabulous AND you are going to make someone very happy with a wonderful gift.
    Your Tree Jacket will be fantastic & fit perfectly! (I am sending you positive knitting karma….)

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