Tree Jacket!

For the Sexy Knitters Club KAL I am knitting Tree Jacket first.  I have finished the neck and am on to the increase rounds.  So far I love the color and I love the way Tree Jacket is looking, but I am afraid I may be cutting it a bit close with my yarn yardage.  I am using Lion Brand Cotton Ease (in Taupe) and the pattern calls for 1050 yds — I have JUST that.  Anyone know if the Zephyr patterns run generous on their suggested yardage?


2 thoughts on “Tree Jacket!

  1. I came to your site through the SKC…to answer your question on yardage…I would definitely buy an extra skein of yarn just in case…you can always return it! Also, purused your site…LOVE LOVE LOVE the cakes, I mean, tortes! I love to cook…ameteurely, of course, and am obsessed with Food Network, and love the show Ace of Cakes…Best of Luck to you on your quest to become a pastry chef…in my next life, culinary school instead of medical school! Can’t wait to see the finished Tree Jacket!

  2. Thanks for the yardage answer. I think you’re right. Oh, and thanks for the vote of support on the culinary career! If you ever want to swap recipes just e-mail me.

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