Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

Thank you for being so patient.  I know, you were all waiting with baited breath thinking, "What in the heavens is that mad woman up to these days?  Its been ages since she has polluted teh internetz with her exploits and wisdom!  Has she forgotten us, her loyal readers?"  No, Mom and Dad, I haven’t. 

I have however been slammin’ busy with random projects.  I have one book in pre-press and I have just finished laying out another (ed. note:  for those people not related to me, I design/edit books and stuff).  I have the potential for a few website consultations which, time permitting, will spiral into full site builds (time, incidentally, will most likely not permit).  I am officially behind in writing book reviews for two titles now.  It looks like I am unofficially catering my friend’s gallery opening next weekend.  I am frantically knitting/sewing  holiday presents (which means my SKC knitting is on hold).  Also, in class, this Saturday, I am building and decorating a 4 tier wedding cake. 

But finally, and I think we all know, most importantly, I have discovered an Apple IIgs emulator for my laptop.  Oh sweet Jesus YES!!!  Today I have just beaten (with the aid of a walkthrough, yes…) TASS TIMES IN TONE TOWN.  And it’s only taken me, what, 21-22 years?  Thank Christ!  That has been bugging me.  That game was the bane of my existence (when I was 9).  My cousin can attest to this.  She used to spend summers with us and she, too, rotted away her brain one summer pounding her skull against the hefty weight of the IIgs running Tass Times.  But now, who’s the loser, Tass Times?  Huh?  I win, TTiTT.  You lose.  All I have to say is this:  Suck it Tass Times, there is nothing sad about my wrath. 

Ooooh.  That felt good.

Dream Zone – You’re next!

On that note, here is a grainy picture of a giraffe cake.  Bon Appetit!


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