Wowie, Zowie!

This book makes me very happy….

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So, here’s the deal.  We all know that I am a knitter.  Yeah, yeah, I knit and make stuff.  Sure, who doesn’t these days?  But my dirty little secret is that I am a LAZY KNITTER.  Oh Boy!  Am I a lazy knitter.  Sure I love the craft, and the process and the pretty colors but, as I learned at my first fiber fair this year, I have A LOT to learn. 

For example, I will make this admission.  I didn’t know what WPI stood for, nor how many of them meant anything.  It’s true.  I knew that Alpacas were expensive and that I like petting bunny rabbits, but I didn’t really understand anything about the fiber itself.  I’ve heard patterns call for a "drapey" yarn, but to me that meant lighter weight (not necessarily true).  Clara Parkes wrote a book for me (and possibly you). 

In The Knitter’s Book Of Yarn, Ms. Parkes explains all of the different weights and fibers while even providing sample patterns best suited to a specific yarn’s weight/fiber content.  Parkes is so smart in her easy, straight forward yet entertaining narrative about fiber content; as she pairs fiber to patterns, she explains why.  It seems like a simple enough idea – give some background on yarn, offer a pattern in said yarn and then explain why that yarn is best suited to the pattern.  But no one ever does this.   Pattern just say, "use this yarn you can’t possibly afford".  Now, thanks to Ms. Parkes, I can look at the patterns in IK and  actually make informed choices about yarn substitutions that fit my budget (I am not luxury knitter, If I am going to spend 150$ on a sweater, I had damn well better not have to knit it myself).  I can examine a yarn and figure out exactly what weight it is, despite what the producer might say (Brooks Farm’s Acero, I’m talking to you, you non-fingering weight little bugger).

Ms. Parkes has relieved me of a sizable portion of my LAZY KNITTERS ignorance, and for that I am eternally grateful.


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