Betta Band

So, our across the street neighbors had to move out of state this week.  As I was checking my mailbox, she shouted across the street at me, "Do you want any fish?"  I like fish, steamed, broiled, grilled, fried – you name it.  Fish is tasty.  However, I had just eaten lunch so I replied, "No thanks."  She then said she might just put them in the pond out back. 

Obviously, we’re not talking fried grouper sandwiches here. 

Apparently, she was moving in 1 hour and forgot she had two betta fish she had bought her young children a few months ago.  Rather then she these poor fish travel 12 hours in a plastic soda cup or have to fight for their lives in a tilapia stocked pond, I said, "Sure, bring them over."

So after a change of habitat (they were in plastic bowls) and a change of name (they were named Annika and Noodle), I now present you with Moss (blue) and Roy (red).  See It Crowd for name explanation ( and because it’s the best tv show ever).  See pictures below for pretty fishies. 



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