FO’s and WIPs

Good Morning!  I have made some progress here in the last few days.  FOs first!  I have rescued a lovely sweater from its stained, Good Will existence.  It now has a new life and new career in my closet, with the help of some left over Brown Sheep (I stiched on the flowery things to hide the sweater’s sordid past).
See?  Pretty!  Not bad for 3 dollars.

Speaking of closets, have I mentioned Project New Year?  The first rule of Project New Year is we don’t talk about Project New Year, but I invented Project New Year so I am breaking the first rule.  We are going through every ounce of all of our crap and donating, purging, repurposing, recycling and out right throwing away everything we don’t need.  Yesterday was Phase 1, Bedroom Closets (ours and the spare rooms).  I am pleased to report Phase 1 a success.  Notice, cedar planks for clothes to rest on, new hooks on the wall (off screen) and new closet shelves, installed by me:


Finally, a WIP that is actually progressing, Tree Jacket!  I only have about 6 more inches to go on the body then it’s time for the sleeves and then fini!  I like the way it’s turning out so far, but I don’t know if my gauge went ka-blooey or what, but I went from knitting myself a Large down to an Extra Small.  I prefer a snug sweater, but there is no way on this earth or in any other dimension I should ever be wearing an Extra Small.  Ever.  Even with heavy plastic and reconstructive surgery.  Not even if I have my torso removed.  Really.  But, whatever, it fits.  And now we’re all caught up.



2 thoughts on “FO’s and WIPs

  1. OO, purging the cupboards. I’ve been doing the drawers. So many ratty t-shirts, so little space.
    Your closet is a thing of beauty.

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