Tree Jacket Woes

Well, I am one sleeve away from finishing Tree Jacket and all I can say is UGH!  It looks terrible on me.  It fits, oh it fits, don’t get me wrong but in quite a tragic way.  Rachael suggested that I block now and then re-try on to see if the blocking helps, but I don’t know.  I  am pretty sure that I may have to frog, frogfrog it all away and start over at the bust line.  Some day….

I think I just really need to knit something successful right now that isn’t as massive a project as a long sleeved sweater.  So, while my next project was to be the Jemima Sweater (that dear, patient Rachael and I were to knit together) I think I need to knit this instead.  But I won’t knit it in silk.  No, I’m thinking about cotton (for those balmy, sultry SC summers).  Actually, I’m thinking CPY Cotton Flamme in this color (see below)  Pretty, no?  Wish me luck.  As of late, my knitting mojo has failed me, so I need all the luck I can get.


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