Look! Knitting I Don’t Hate!

First things first, I couldn’t get gauge to save my life with the cotton flamme and any of the cami patterns I was looking at so I gave up and knit this instead:

Its a beanie for J.  Actually it is a perfect beanie.  It is based on his actual head circumference and height and it really, really fits him.  I know knitting a hat is easy-peasy, but I needed a success here people.  My knitting mojo was seriously lacking.  But because of the perfection of the perfect beanie, I felt I could start knitting Jemima.  I’d have a lovely picture of my cast on Jemima for you to coo over, but Typepad seems to have forgotten how to add photos into blog posts.  Immediately after I did just that (see beanie picture above.  no, really, SEE IT, b/c I just put it there 2 minutes ago.)  Anyhoo, Jemima is in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in (MC) Candy Apple from Lorien and (CC) Provincial Rose from Rachael, lovely woman.

Picture when Typepad stops being a tw*t.

sorry.  couldn’t help myself.


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