Knitting and Shrubbery

First the knitting.  Jemima almost has a back!  She should be fully backed by the start of the weekend and so far, though she isn’t much to look at, I am quite pleased.

As for the shrubbery, I lost my mind this weekend at Lowe’s and came home with an assortment of cacti and succulents, herbs, 2 blueberry bushes, a blackberry and a raspberry bush and a pear tree.  I’ll post pictures of the canes and tree when they actually start to take, otherwise, it will look a bit like I’ve spent a lot of time and money planting dead sticks of assorted sizes in large pots and in the ground.  Actually, now that I’ve said that, that WOULD have been a much cheaper option, though I doubt that at the end of the day the dead sticks would produce fruit salad.  Then again, there is a good chance that my berry  canes and pear tree won’t produce either. Hmm…..economically, I’ve been doing this all wrong.  Well, it’s too late now, but it’s definitely it’s all about dead sticks in 09.  Count on it.



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