Some Things Green and One Thing Sweet

Green things first.  Remember when I said I had planted sticks in the mud in my vague attempt at gardening (which I insist on pursuing at least once a year)?  Well, some sticks have sprouted!  Here we have blackberries and raspberries, quite happy in their containers.  No fruit yet, but there is plenty of time.

Next, you can just make out a strawberry plant peeking around the corner of the deck.  This tiny guy is laden with green berries (and by laden, I mean about a pints worth).  I am very excited.

And Yes, I did wait until it was pouring down rain to take pictures.  I have impeccable timing.  Why do you ask?

Now for something sweet.  Easter is around the corner and we have family coming into town.  This, or course, gives me the perfect excuse to order easter candy from Fowlers Chocolates.  When I was little, we used to get candy from Fowlers every year for Easter.  This is one of the many reasons why – Sponge candy:

There are no words.  Just look. You can choose from dark, milk or orange chocolate which enrobes a core of brown sugar sponge.  It has the consistency of florist foam, but in a good way, that melts against the roof of your mouth leaving behind the deliciously bittersweet taste of butterscotch.  Bliss…..


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