An Open Letter to ABC’s LOST

Dear Lost,

Let me start be saying that I am your friend.  I’ve been with you from the start.  The first time I saw the polar bear, I was captivated.  The first time I heard Rousseau’s haunting distress call repeated over and over again, I was hooked.  I swear, I am on your side.  I really have/had incredibly high hopes for you not only as a show, but as a media experience.

However, with the latest episode, I must say, enough is enough.  Just what do you think you’re playing at?  A Temple/Sanctuary?  Really?  You’re going to throw a new location into the mix?  What ever happened to the mystery of the polar bears or the black-mist-with-images-inside monster?  Or how about Jacob?  Hell, how about any of the other 58 locations previously mentioned?  What was with the word "contaminated" we saw over and over?  Or the fear of infection?  Or the whispers?  No.  Instead of answers we’ve been given rather desolate flash forwards and often cryptic flash backwards.  In the last episode, for a while I thought we were flashing frackwards and borwards.  You know things have spun out of control when the "Previously On Lost" segment went back to the first season.  "Previously" is right.

Look, all I’m saying is get it together, man!  We (your collective audience) have hung in there too long for you to fall apart on us now.

Now man up, and answer some bloody questions.


ps – A little "Not Yet" flag that pops up when you attempt to activate a bomb?  Really?  I thought better of you.  Suck it up, Lost.  It’s in the past, but let’s not have any repeats of this.  Even in a frackwards flash.  No more.


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