FO: Gruyere Bread and a High Class Fluffernutter

First, the Gruyere Bread.  Actually it’s a Gruyere/Dubliner Bread.  The recipe can be found here and it is worth the trouble and completely delicious.  It also makes you feel like a baking ROCKSTAR being able to make something this pretty.  No, I’m not kidding and yes, I know I have problems.  But behold the beauty of Gruyere Bread:


Delicious looking, no?  Well hold on to your socks, people.  Here’s the High Class Fluffernutter Torte!



So, here’s what we’ve got.  From the bottom layer to the top it’s a pate sucre crust, salted peanut caramel, banana cake, peanut butter and chocolate feullitine (think crispy), flambed banana chiboust (pastry cream lightened with meringue) and a homemade toasted marshmellow top garnished with milk chocolate placards, caramelized banana and peanut brittle.   Yes, it does taste good, but I totally agree with you if you’re thinking that it all just seems a bit much.  This was our last project in Advanced Bakeshop and really the point of it was to make sure we could handle all of the individual components:  pastry, candy, cake, confection, custard, meringue, chocolate and fruit.  And what better way to do that then to make as throw all of those things into one dessert?  Unfortunately, I now have about 6 pounds of this sitting in my fridge.  So, you’re welcome to come over and rescue all of this decadent goodness from the waiting trash because in 4 days that’s where it’s heading.  I’m home all weekend!  Bring a fork!


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