Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap 4 Package Received!

Look what I got in the mail today!  Its my HSKS 4 Package!!  I just have to thank Capella Monoceros aka Alice for this awesome package!  She really outdid herself with this one.  Alice, this was totally worth the wait!!
First, here’s an over all shot:


Impressive, no?  Now let’s look at it, section by section.  First, the yarn:


Yes folks, that is enough for 2, yes 2 pairs of socks.  And that Baby Ull is crazy soft stuff, no joke! 
Now, on to the homemade bag and stitch markers:


What a perfect little project bag and yes people, 2 sets of stitch markers! Love it!  But wait, there’s more:


A Fiber Trends pattern, these seriously excellent DP needle holders (how did you know my Dp’s were in a state?) and…..wait for it…….the beautiful Harmony DP needles in size 3 (perfect size)!

But that’s not all, then there were the extras!


We have peppermints, peppermint hand soap, a moleskine-esque journal, blue and silver pens (Go Ravenclaw), decadent chocolates, a tape measure where you pull a camel’s tail and some of the most delicious smelling tea I have ever smelled (strawberry guava).

Thank you so very much Capella Monoceros aka Alice!  This was a phenomenal kit and you’ve done your bit to restore my faith in humanity!  This was just perfect.  I had had a very hard week and this made everything OK again.


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