Back from London…

…with lots of swag!
So, first and foremost, our goal was the acquisition of an extreme quantity of dvds, and I think we accomplished that nicely thanks to the  HMV inside Harrods:
Then, I felt compelled to find a Lush store, but as they were everywhere, it wasn't very hard:

Finally, whilst wandering aimlessly through Selfridge's, I happened upon a Miller Harris counter, can you believe the luck?

Now, don't get me wrong, I saw a ton of history and bought books on Windsor Castle and on the Plague in Britain and all of that good stuff.  Big Ben, Parliment, etc.  I even got to see Shakespeare at the Globe Theater and it was PHENOMENAL!  But, I did forget to pack a camera, so the loot is all I can take pictures of.  Sadly, I had to leave London in England.  London was fantastic, though.  Seriously, even their Whole Foods kicked ass. 

But then, it was back to NJ where Josh's mom bought me lots of fabric:


and we happened upon this little treasure by the side of the road:

A new 72 pin and that baby will be back in business!


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