I’ve Been Busy.

Hello.  I made things this month.  See?

This is my velveteen, disappearing nine-patch quilt.  It’s soft and velvety and so help me, I will never sew with velveteen again!!

This is a bloody enormous house square that’s part of a quilt my MiL and I are sewing together. We’re each sewing a block a month and then trading the blocks, so I’ll have the blocks she’s sewn and vice versa.

These are some peach danish I made the other day b/c I had both puff pastry and peaches going spare. They were delicious!!

FInally, here’s a picture of my neighbors house at night.  I just really liked how creepy the place looks, so I’ve been stalking their house for creep-tastic night pics.  I’m sure they think I’m some sort of serial killer.  I do live in the heart of suburbia, so it’s to be expected.  This one was taken on the 4th of July (obviously).


One thought on “I’ve Been Busy.

  1. The velveteen quilt looks great! How BIG is that house square? It looks feet tall in the pic. Love the pic of your neighbors house, especially with the fireworks in the background.

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