FOs and Works In Progress

Typepad has been making me crazy lately and I'm looking in switching over to another platform, but in the mean time I've been extremely busy!  Yes, with work and school and the ridiculous number of dental appointments I am currently entertaining, it's been hectic.  But I have managed to squeeze out a bit of progress on the knit and sew front.

J's Norwegian Star Ear Flap Hat is finished!  I forgot how much I liked color work that's not in a teeny tiny gauge.  SO much so that I learned how to make these:

Christmas Tree Ornaments!  Fast and easy and more of them to come.
The color work thing made me so happy that I spent a whole night planning my own color work hat.  It will be beret or tam style in charcoal with variegated pink octopi!  See?

If parties are interested, I can publish the chart for others.  Right now it's just for one other color, but it would be very easy to make it for multiple colors.  FUN!  What kid doesn't need an octopus on their sweater, I ask you?  Also, there has been quilting….

and more quilting (sorry for the blurry pic but I am both lazy and busy and that doesn't bode well for a re-shoot).

This just needs some hand stitching on the applique and then it too will be finished.
Finally, on a more somber note, a Jemima update:

Oh Jemima.  not only are you STILL missing a sleeve but you are enormous!!
What have you been eating?  Can sweaters eat yardage and gain sizes?
Has Jemima been neglected for so long that, like SkyNet, she has gained consciousness and awakened?
Oh Jey-Jey, what will we do with you?  I don't want to put you in the failure bin with Tree Jacket (though she patiently sits there and waits) but I don't see many other options.


And that's what's up.


2 thoughts on “FOs and Works In Progress

  1. Hi there,
    I saw that you had a PAO a few years back? I was wondering if you could share what its like for you now? Is your hip totally back to normal? Was it all worth it? Do you still have pain?

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