For All Those Who Asked….

This is what a Tofurkey looks like:
(Sliced, partially eaten Tofurkey with roasted carrots and parsnips)

My updates will be few and far between for the next month or so b/c all of my craft projects are presents for people who read this website.  So, I can't very well let them know what they're getting, now can I?  That's also why there haven't been many updates this month.  I am frantically making Christmas presents and I can't share any of them with you.  The only craft-like thing I can share is the gingerbread house I volunteered to make for work.  They wanted a simple gingerbread house and they already had the base but no one had time to finish it.  I offered to decorate it for them, despite my personal hatred of royal icing.  Very generous of me, I know.


I don't think it turned out too bad.  I've only ever decorated one of these things before so I don't have much experience and there are a lot of things I think I'd do differently.  I like my Necco Wafer roof, though!


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