BIG NEWS, officially.

Ok, so I know I promised BIG NEWS.  Well, I am not engaged.  So stop it! And to everyone who thought that, sorry to get your hopes up.  Presents are great, but even the idea of a wedding right now makes me gag. 

I am going back to grad school (starting today actually).  I am officially a student at University of South Carolina in their Master of Library and Information Science program.  So, basically, never expect to hear from me again.  I will be buried in books, writing papers, draining my liquefied brain from my ears or playing with BN#2 (see below).

We adopted a dog!  His name is Quincy and he is the shiz-nit.  He will eat anything (much to our chagrin) including Legos and earthworms.  Yes, we stop him from eating these things, but if it were up to him life would be a buffet of grubs, roadkill and pine needles.  Needless to say, he is awesome.  Here is proof:


That's all of the BIG NEWS for now.  Otherwise things here have been basically at Condition: SUCK what with work, after xmas blues, post-holiday exhaustion and my car getting smashed by a mystery driver WHILE IT WAS PARKED IN A GATED PARKING LOT IN NORTH CAROLINA.  Yep.  It's still there too b/c it was undrivabley smashed.  That takes effort, and probably quite a bit of tequila.  Jerk.


2 thoughts on “BIG NEWS, officially.

  1. Sorry about your car, that does suck – but Quincy is teh awesomeness. If you could tickle that tum from me, I’d be grateful.

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