What Kind of Apple Store Doesn’t Carry Disk Warrior???

Me:  hi, do you have the application "Disk Warrior" in stock?
Apple "genius": um, gee, I don't know….(trails off and puts me on hold)
Apple "genius":  uh, hi, uh, yeah, we don't carry that.
Me:  really, that's odd.  it's kinda the standard mac repair software.
Apple "genius":  well, i just googled it, and you can order it on-line (said with an "aren't I great – your       welcome" attitude)
Me: yeah well, I could but if your hard drive is FAILING, which mine is (invalid node structure) you want the disk in your hand NOW, no?
Apple "genius": well why don't you order it.  I googled it and you can order it. (yes, he said this twice).
Me: sure, I can download it, but it takes 3 weeks to get it the dvd sent to you from the alsoft website.

At this point I stopped b/c really I am just frustrated with my computer, but seriously dude, I can google for info on my own.  And here's a tip, if I'm asking for that heavy a piece of disk repair software odds are a) I know at least a little about what I'm doing and b) I need the disk to boot from.

Please, if you work in a computer store, know more than the average user about computers.  please.  please.

Also, if I walk/talk your way and my hard drive is in bad shape just stay away b/c I get really grumpy, really fast (obviously).


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