HELP!! Raglan Seaming??

Hi.  If anyone is reading this I NEED HELP!!  Could you point me in the right direction for detailed instructions, preferably with pictures, on how to seam up the sleeves of a raglan sweater?  I can easily seam horizontal to horizontal or vertical to horizontal but the whole slanted sides of the raglan sleeve connected to the slanted front/back panel of the sweater is totally throwing me off and it looks terrible!  Is there an invisible method to seam this?  How do you do it?  I've been knitting this bloody sweater for ever now and its making me batty that I  a) can't get the sleeves right and b) can't find the stupid answer anywhere on teh internets!!!



One thought on “HELP!! Raglan Seaming??

  1. Ooh, I’ve not done this, but I would imagine that it’s seamed like two vertical seams. I would pin the top of the sleeve to the shoulder and work any excess stitches into the fabric going downwards, if that makes any sense.
    Have you asked Ravelry? Good luck!

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