Spring Has Sprung And Summer Is Heating Up!

There are many updates (now that I've found my camera) and the first and largest is garden-y goodness!  This is going to be v-e-r-y picture heavy, but with good reason.  I must show off all of the hard work.  I've earned it!

OK.  So, the bed which borders one of our bedroom walls has been under tended for a while now.  It came with three huge oleander bushes and nothing else.  I have been wanting to get rid of those things for ages and put the space (one of the ONLY good gardening spaces in our backyard) to good use.  I tried plant killers, saws and hatchets.  Finally, the only thing that removed the offending triffids was a good length of chain and a riding mower.  Anyhoo, we got them out about 4-6 weeks ago and I planted this instead:

There are tomatoes in assorted types (grape and yellow heirloom I started from seed, big boy and patio I bought to hedge my bets):

There are squash of indeterminate variety (they weren't labeled properly at the greenhouse) filled with flower buds:

New this year we have Japanese eggplant (already fruiting!):

There are yellow and red bell peppers and of course, more tomatoes:

And there are flowers!  Marigolds to chase away the hornworms and purple daisies just because!


There has even been knitting!  After Jemima broke my heart (I haven't given up on her, but I do need my space) I decided to get on the Buttercup train and so far, so good!  I am knitting it in the lovely Nilo in Blueberry (which is actually purple) and its good.  Really good.  Like, I might actually wear it good.  But I am only 3 inches into it so I may be jumping the gun a little.  See for yourself:

 Quincy Likes it!  This is the face he makes when you try to get him to sit still to take his picture by holding a tomato over his head. 


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