FO: Mabel Messenger

Yay!  I've sewn something that I can actually use and it had complicated stuff in it like zippers and multiple interfacing layers and magnetic snaps and adjustable straps!  OK, well maybe those things aren't that complicated, but they are when you've never done ANY of them before.  I bought the pattern from Jennalou on Etsy.  Can I just say her patterns are great.  They kick ass.  They were sooo easy to understand, were filled with excellent pictures and she sent me the pdf within the day I paid for them.  So!  Here's the Mabel Messenger:

Basic Exterior Shot
Basic Interior Shot
As A Shoulder Bag
And As A Messenger Bag.

Unfortunately, As I got about 1/2 way through the pattern, I realized that I hated my chosen fabric in bag format.  But that's ok.  I've learned a lot and can now make it all over again in something I really love.  I'm thinking this for the exterior (with maybe a darker solid for the flap and the underside of the strap and a wild pattern based off of the turquoise for the interior, and maybe more interior pockets):


Eh?  EH?  Im telling you.  What do you think?


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