FO: Mabel Messenger Redux

Now, This is what I wanted to make the first time.  Its another Mabel Messenger, but in a fabric I totally love and with a few modifications.  It took me a weekend but could have easily been accomplished in one day, if you aren't watching Season 4 of Battlestar Galactica while sewing. (Btw, Wow!  What a way to end season 4!  When is 4.5 coming out on dvd???)

So, without further adieu, Mabel Messenger Redux:

Ext. Fabric:  Amy Butler in Coriander Pine
Int. Fabric:  ???  Heavy weight cotton of some sort  ???
Modifications:  Strap Extender is 2" longer, added interior patch pocket made out of ext. fabric scraps b/c I am all about the pockets, added an extra inch to all sides of the closure flap.



Incidentally, If anyone likes the original I made in pink, let me know and I'll send it to you!  🙂


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