I’ve Actually Won Something!

I wrote a 6 word story for Yelley's blog contest and I won!  I never win anything so this is just lovely!  Its 2 hanks of Koigu KPPPM in a really fun colorway and one skein of Miss Babs Yummy Superwash Sport in Woodland Viola.  She was also kind enough to send me a really nice letter, to which I will write a reply, on stationary and send via snail mail b/c  I'm feelin' old fashioned like that.  Anyhoo, see the loveliness??

Thank you so much Yelley – your package made my birthday!  (Yep, I got it on my b-day)

Also, because what post would be complete without food porn, albeit poorly photographed food porn, here our our summer rolls! 

Homemade Shrimp Summer Rolls (with mint, cukes, carrot, spring greens and rice noodles) with two dipping sauces.  One is a sweet and sour number I make with chili, vinegar and sugar, grated carrot and green onions.  The second was my attempt at this yummy vietnamese brown sauce one of my fav restaurants in Philly used to serve with their spring rolls and I have to admit, I did pretty good.  Its black bean sauce, peanut butter, sesame oil, peanuts, and a few other things and it was good!  All in all, the perfect meal for a hot summer night!


One thought on “I’ve Actually Won Something!

  1. It came on your birthday?
    I mean… of course it did…. I delayed sending it longer than necessary for just that reason…. yes. ^_^

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