FO: Favorite Color Swap Bag

So, I’m part of a Favorite Color swap and my partner just said she loves bright colors, lots of bright colors, lots of bright colors together.  She also like birds.  AND she has no idea who I am so she won’t find this blog entry.  SO!  As part of the swap, there had to be one handmade item and I decided to sew her a fun, kitschy, funky knitting bag and voila – here it is!

My preferred exterior (and as you soon shall see, its reversible):

And my preferred interior (hence the pockets, but pockets could be on the outside too):
There’s 2 knitting needle pockets on the reverse side too.  I think most people are making knitted projects for their partner (as this is a Ravelry knitting swap) but with the school and the work and the library work and the more work, knitting just wasn’t gonna happen.  But sewing!  Sewing, on the other hand, I can do!!

I know it looks a bit mad, but she listed the fuschia and the purple colors as some of her favs and I think it works in a super grand master funkenstein kinda way, no?


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