A Pictureless Update (Sorry.)

Well, I have been busy getting two, yes TWO, quilt tops finished for xmas prezzies.  They are now in the hands of my local machine quilter and I should have them back before the beginning of December.  This is very exciting b/c this means that I have two people basically finished for presents.  I mean, if you get a handmade quilt, what more could you want?  Pictures of one will follow in December with pictures of the other after the holidays.

However, my dedicated quilting means that I am woefully behind in my secret knitting project for Rachael.  But on Sunday, I turn in my last group project for school for a few weeks and work has finally wrapped itself up for at least a week or two which means that I get to take an impromptu, mid-week knitting holiday (in the comfort of my own home)!!!  I have been needing one of these for a long time so I can't wait.  I'm thinking maybe some Hotel Babylon, maybe some Pomegranate-Cranberry juice (my new love), maybe even my favorite Autumnal candy (which strangely I can only buy at Steinmart, go figure) and a few days of doing nothing, and I MEAN NOTHING, but knitting.  Yeah.  I like the sounds of this.

Maybe then I'll have pictures.

Also, have you seen this?  Celebrity Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew?  Is this infinitely watchable or completely reprehensible, I can't decide…


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